About us

During the 1980’s, changes in business and construction were accelerating rapidly. Design and construction delivery, however, were not. Embracing a little known process called Design-Build, Accord Architecture Company was founded in 1986 to address this problem. Since that time, Accord has developed into an outstanding Iowa-based firm providing complete design services in a variety of project delivery methods.

Accord has extensive experience delivering projects in three traditional methods:

  1. Design-Bid-Build

  2. Design-Build

  3. Design-Construction Management (CM)

Many of our private clients enjoy the benefits of design-build where we are teamed with our parent company, Henkel Construction, under a single contract for both design and construction.


Public sector clients in the State of Iowa are required to use the Design-Bid-Build or Design-CMa delivery methods.  Many of Accord’s hospital clients use the Design-CMa method in order to select an experienced hospital construction CMa rather than the lowest bidder.

Our Design Professionals

Senior Project Architect


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Architectural Associate 


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Business Development


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