Hanson Residence

Clear Lake, Iowa



As a client of Accord Architecture back in the days when he led Winnebago Industries, John V. Hanson hired Accord for his own residence on the south shore of Clear Lake.  Because of Mr. Hanson’s love of sailing, he commissioned Accord to design a residence that renovated the cottage with a nautical theme. A few years later, Accord creatively renovated the barn into a garage with an upper office area.  In 2003, Accord designed a separate building with an arched skylight that housed a therapy wave pool.  At the end of the skylight one can see a very literal window in the shape of a ship’s helm.  Both the perimeter deck footprint of the original cottage and the pool building are in the shape of a boat.  Most recently in 2010, Accord was commissioned for an addition and renovation to the cottage/house kitchen and link to the pool house, all consistent with the original nautical theme.