Story County Fairgrounds Community Building

Nevada, Iowa


The Story County Fair Association put their trust in the Henkel-Accord team to breathe new life into a historical building without altering the original allure of the structure. The Community Building was built in 1941 by the Works Project Administration (WPA), and the original footprint of the building remains today.


The goal of the project was to improve the overall building envelope in order to add a heating and cooling system. This involved reconstructing the roof and walls to include insulation while maintaining the beauty of the exposed wood inside the building’s main gathering room on the upper level. Work on the lower level of the building consisted of a complete demolition of the existing bathrooms, storage rooms and hallway in order to construct a new display room, bathrooms (with showers), fire-rated corridor, storage and mechanical rooms. The stone fireplace was refurbished and brought back to its original beauty. The renovations now provide two separate spaces for the community to use and were designed so that they could be utilized jointly or independently.

The Community Building is one of the two original fairground buildings and will continue to serve the community as a place where people can come together to celebrate, exhibit, and learn.


"Henkel and Accord did an outstanding job of restoring the Community Building in Nevada, Iowa.  They provided quality craftsmanship which maintained the character and charm of the 75-year-old historical building while adding all of today’s creature comforts. The amazing part, is that Henkel and Accord were able to balance the wants and desires of a volunteer committee! Thank you Henkel and Accord for your outstanding work in restoring the building to its former glory."

-Phyllis Fevold

Volunteer for the Story County Fair Association.