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Lobby Final Rendering

Britt, Iowa


After having a great experience with Accord Architecture on the Senior Life Solutions adult geriatric psychiatric renovation project in 2013, Hancock County Health System hired Accord again for a master facility plan study in 2014 that focused on the emergency, surgery, clinic, wellness, lab, pharmacy, and HIM areas of the hospital. The outcome of that master plan was to first address the areas of greatest need in the emergency, surgery, and lab departments. In 2018, Accord was hired to renovate these areas and to improve the front entry with a new drive-under canopy. This $6 MIL project will be constructed in multiple phases in 2019 and 2020.


“Accord Architecture has been amazing at our 3P lean event experiences at Hancock County Health System during the design process. We couldn’t have done it without them. Their knowledge, help, expertise, and everything they bring to our lean events is amazing. We love having them involved! As we decide that a room is too big or too small, they are able to tell us right on the spot, then work with us to come up with a solution. They work with our staff to help build what we want.”


- Angela Sue Lappe, Process Excellence
Hancock County Health System

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