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Manning Section 202 Housing

Manning, Iowa


After writing a grant request and receiving good news of funding in 2012, Manning Community Services, Inc. and the Manning Section 202 Board of Directors hired Accord Architecture to bring their dream of building a low-income apartment complex in the city limits of Manning.  Two houses were removed on property contiguous to each other in order to clear property, but the site's slope created a number of challenges for a facility that serves some elderly residents.

The units (apartments) were specifically designed to be off-set from one another, with one unit a few feet back from the other, to provide some relief for the facade as well as to create a more individualized feel to the units.  In addition, special key considerations were made to tie the architectural look of the housing complex into the often used Tudor Revival style in Manning.  Accord Architecture incorporated the half-timbering ad stucco effect and Dutch hip roofing of the style into the main entry area of the building.


"Accord Architecture was instrumental in developing the units to be attractive, comfortable, efficient and accessible for the residents.  Each of the six units will be approximately 540 square feet, and the complex will house a meeting room for the use of all residents along with communal laundry space."

-Kevin Boyle

Manning Section 202 Board Member

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