Cargill Kitchens Solutions

Mason City, Iowa


Cargill Kitchen Solutions relies on long time partners, Accord Architecture and Henkel Construction, to expand its Mason City, Iowa facility.  In 2000, Cargill chose the Henkel-Accord team to design and construct its new $11 million egg processing facility in Mason City. Since then, Cargill has returned for Henkel-Accord’s help with four more expansions and numerous renovations.

The design concept of this facility is to be functional first, clean in appearance and very, very efficient in the process of food products. Large Insulated cooler and freezer rooms are attached at the rear of the building for temporary storage of both finished and raw products, while a non-insulated warehouse is also attached. Other than the cooler/freezer buildings, the entire facility is enclosed with insulated precast concrete sandwich panels.