Kingland Systems

Ames, Iowa


In 2004, Kingland Systems based in Clear Lake, IA was looking to expand their technology company through a strategic move to a location immediately across the street from thousands of potential employees with studying computer and software engineering, as well as computer science and business at Iowa State University.  The former Ames Theatre once used for both movie and performing arts provided the square footage and volume necessary for the many work stations.  Accord's design included many elements that paid tribute to the former theatre use, including the use of sound-fold curtains on the walls, stepped platform work areas, a large aluminum curtainwall glazing area where the screen was located, and cable lighting with theatrical characters.  As a result of this building repurposing, Kingland hired hundreds of students as data analysts and engineers during their time at ISU and after graduation.  Now entirely demolished, this 9,660 SF, four-level building was an excellent example of historic preservation.