Kanabec State Bank

Mora, Minnesota


This substantial project for Kanabec State Bank in Mora, Minnesota involved the removal of an existing industrial building. The existing building’s concrete was crushed and ground into small gravel size pieces and used under the building and parking lot. This recycling idea along with other green techniques, such as daylighting in the atrium area, are only part of what makes this bank so unique.  Kanabec State Bank has been serving the community of Mora for more than 80 years.  KSB hired Accord to design a financial institution that would be a visible icon for the community for many years to come. The design incorporates a “Northwoods” style with a blend of contemporary elements to create an exciting, yet very efficient and functional bank. Heavy-wood timber structural elements along with stone, brick, wood, and a fireplace provide the “Northwoods” feel, while curving bulkheads and flat-screen televisions are contemporary design elements incorporated into the design.