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color biotics - birds eye

BASF Colorbiotics Dock Expansion

Ames, Iowa


Accord designed this new 6,258 SF enclosed dock addition for BASF specifically focused on safety in 2014.  The original 140,575 SF building was designed and built by another architecture and construction company for Becker-Underwood, Inc, who eventually sold the company to BASF.   This project came to fruition because of the high focus that BASF has on safety, including the loading and unloading of flat-bed truck trailers with forklifts.  To solve a concern that forklifts may fall off of the flat-bed trailers, BASF hired Carbis Safety Engineers to design a motorized catwalk and railing system to solve this problem.


Accord's design continued the original building design so much so that the roof slope continues on down over the dock addition.  This enclosed dock is substantial in length in order to allow a truck and trailer to completely back into the building and yet allow the overhead door to close.  This controlled environment allows for improved safety.

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