Accord and Henkel Office

Ames, Iowa


Accord Architecture and Henkel Construction Company and recently moved our central Iowa office to a new location. We purchased and extensively renovated an office building that was originally designed and occupied by a structural engineering firm, and had experienced significant deterioration in recent years. We also purchased the adjacent property, which will serve as our construction yard, and will house our equipment. The structure consists of a two-story office building, which includes 2,700 square feet on each level.  The renovated building’s beauty is the result of an overall simple geometric shape enhanced by architectural elements with clean lines that support the shape of the building. Open trusses provide interior volume at the upper level of the office building and an abundance of natural light is achieved from many windows. Green building solutions such as L.E.D. lighting, closed-cell insulation, and high-efficiency HVAC systems.  Further, saving this existing building without filling the landfill with a lot of debris is one of the most “green” things that can be done in our industry.